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Personal journey, supporting change

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Eva STRABONI is a FFMBE and France Massage approved wellness massage practitioner, certified hydro-pratician with a State-approved title since 2005. She is a practitioner in E.F.T, lithotherapy, emotional aromatherapy and a consultant in floral and mineral elixirs.

She is a consultant - expert and trainer in the laboratory DEVA les Emotions.
With her different tools, plants and crystals,she takes care of and accompanies bodies that are changing and resting, obligatory passages, awareness, life evolutions by bringing relaxation, vitality, emotional release, energetic balancing and regeneration for a better expression of the Self.

She organises training courses and masterclasses to transmit an evolution of Dr Bach's flower therapy through the research of Vincent Belbèze Decourtive, Franco-Chilean researcher and creator of the ELIXIRS SYLFOS,contemporary elixirs from the Cordillera of the Andes. In her own journey as a plural woman, she trained with Monique Grande,  a pioneer in France in supporting women and is accredited Féminitude ®.  to lead women's circles and any process around the feminine. She leads workshops, courses and conferences for various audiences and at various events around wellness.

As an accomplishment after years of practice and experimentation with personal recipes and encounters with plants from here and elsewhere, Eva Straboni creates in 2018 in MARTIGUES, a wellness line,the registered trademark Secrets d’Hermite ®, a passion that offers treasures, rituals to be used at every moment of the day, of life and throughout the seasons from natural and organic ingredients. Ever since she was a child, she has wanted and felt the need to touch, care, massage. With her maternal grandfather, her family, she gleaned in the hills, dried herbs and began to magically collect bottles for their colours, shapes and scents, while a paternal grandmother advised on medicinal plants and herbal teas at the markets. At the age of 12, a fall from a horse marked the beginning of a painful journey towards her body. Very early on, she dreamed of studying nursing and physiotherapy, but the school system was against it. The path had to be different. She will do studies in psychology and psychopathology,a way to mourn and heal from childhood wounds, but something is missing in this approach.

She spent about fifteen years in the socio-cultural field, working in education, human relations and pedagogy, and training herself by working with children and adolescents, sometimes in great difficulty.


The pain of this ancient accident will make her suddenly meet her body in adulthood. She urgently underwent physiotherapy using the Mézières method and began practising yoga intensively, as an alternative to a "medical condemnation" - which predicted that she would hardly be able to walk at the age of 50 - a way of getting up, breathing, breathing out and moving forward.

That's what was missing. The encounter with the body, the senses, the movement, the breath and the energy! The body in unison with the soul, the heart and the mind. The feeling of a great shift is manifested.

An awareness is slowly being established. Tai Chi Chuan and Singing will also come to meet him as an obvious way to complete this re-education and this way to enrich his future practice and move forward freely. Years of living in the mountains ensured that she was in permanent contact with Mother Nature, her rhythm, her seasons, the salutary isolation, her gifts, her offerings. These encounters with plants, flowers, streams, rocks, the animal world in its wild state and certain encounters will forever mark this search of the link between body-emotions-mind-voice and soul to express what is deepest and most just in each of us to blossom, to be fulfilled, BEING. A reconversion takes place and a new cycle of life begins.

Caring differently

Thanks to to the lineage of lovers of the "Herbals" from which I come, to the horse that disoriented me without which this inner journey would not have been possible, to my physiotherapist, to all my teachers of Yoga, Reiki, Tai chi chuan, massages and Feldenkrais for this accompaniment of all the steps, all the motions, all the breaths and all the circles. 

Thanks to to flowers, plants and gemstones, to Jungian Astro-psychoanalysis, to Gospel singing and to my vocal source of Corsican Polyphonies, to Féminitude (Monique Grande), to the Référentiel de Naissance (Georges Colleuil) and to all the "seekers", the guides, the Alchemists, the Hermits, the Mentors, the therapists of the body, the mind, the heart and the soul - whom I have always met, at the right time - for my turn, listen to you, feel you and take your hand.

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